Gauge/Gravity Duality and Rapid thermalization

Sang-Jin Sin
(Hanyang University)

In the flat space, it is well known that non-spherical shell collapses to give globular cluster after many oscillations. However, we show that in anti de sitter space, arbitrary shape of shell or cloud falls to form a black hole in one dynamical time. By gague/gravity dualuty, this explains the early thermalization in strong quark-gluon plasma. This is traced back to the a remarkable property of AdS : the period in radial motion is the amplitude independent of the amplitude in spite of the NON-linearity of the equation of motion. We investigated the interaction effect numerically and observed the same qualitative behavior for the attractive forces. For repulsive interactions, particles halt in the sky for long time due to the specific structure of the propagator. It may be responsible for the hair creation in the AdS black hole.