Biophysics cocktail: biomolecular organization and interactions

Bae-Yeun Ha
(University of Waterloo and KIAS)

Can physics and biology mix? Despite many challenges it presents, there has been a growing appreciation of quantitative thinking in biology, as it offers an extra sense. To the eye of a physicist, every cell is a "biophysics lab," in which physical principles underpin essential biological processes. In this talk, I will discuss how physics can be used to gain a deeper understanding of biomolecular systems. In particular, I will present conceptually-useful models of bacterial chromosome organization cell and peptide antibiotics. A proper use of physical concepts and biological data is the key to the success of this effort.

Collaborators: (i) C. Jeon, J. Kim, H. Jeong, S. Jun, and Y. Jung; (ii) N. Lam, A. Bagheri, and S. Taheri-Araghi